Monday, April 11, 2011

Susquehanna River FIshing

Well it  looks like Mother Nature is going to throw us another big curveball this week. 80 Degrees on Monday and 50s the rest of the week. These nasty fronts are not making is easy to pattern fish and at 10+ feet at Harrisburg it becomes almost unsafe to be on the river.

Most of our fish the last few days have come on either 3.5" tubes or the Craw D'oeuvre in green pumpkin wth the tails dyed in Chartreuse.  A couple days we had a very good Jerkbait bite as well. Numbers late in the week and over the weekend were not good. Our worst day was 5 fish including a HOG at 20 1/2 ". Our other trips boated 20+ fish with a couple Walleye mixed in. We also had a couple Muskies hooked and I now onw a couple less Jerkbaits.

This week should trigger the fish to begin to move away from the west banks and begin to spread out considerably.

On another note:

I attended the Fish Commission meeting today in which they finalized the Catch and Release regulation on the Susquehanna and Juniata. While we all realize that we need to protect the adult fish that are in the river, my big concern is the inability of the fish commission to address the issues that are causing our young fish to have survival issues.  When politics and large special interest groups dictate how the resource is regulated, no one wins. I hope that this change does not cause more division between groups. If everyone can work together and push the PAFBC to attack the issues we can make a difference.

Be sure to contact your legistators to express your concern about the pollution issues. Nothing will get done if we all sit back and do nothing.

See you on the Susky,



  1. The PAFBC has minimal authority to deal with pollution; and the agency that is responsible has had it's budget slashed back down to 1994 levels by Rendell; with Corbett planning to cut even more. We cannot sit idly buy--this is a human health issue as well as a survival issue with river inhabitants. We must take this all the way to Washington; petition our elected officials to get the EPA involved in this.

  2. Dave... Good report and thanks for attending the PFBC Fisheries Comm. meeting.