Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Susquehanna River Fishing Jst Fishin Guide Service

This week has been pretty good for most of the week.  Bass on Spinnerbaits and Jigs were located in the current breaks as well in some pretty strong current. Look for the warmest areas and you will find the fish.

The big story this week was the Flatheads getting started in a big way. Our first 30+ lb Catfish of the year was caught this week. Last year my clients boated 34 fish over 30 lbs. Were off to a good start to break that this year. 

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  1. Dave... We met some chunky smallmouth staging yesterday in 10-12' of water near shallow spawning areas. Even with the heavy current, the call of nature is stronger!

    Nice Flathead and good start to the 2011 season!