Friday, April 8, 2011

Susquehanna River Fishing with Dave Shindler

The Susquehanna has been full of surprises this week. early in the week it was beautiful and "snowmelt" green with a level around 6' and within hours there was trees and debris coming downstream. The levels on Wednesday alone experienced a rise of almost 3'. 

With that in mind the fishing had been good early in the week with small jigs rigged with a 3" Grub, 3.5" Tube bait or a Power Team Craw D'oeuvre .  A couple days we found a very good Jerkbait bite as well. Lucky Craft Pointers, Rapala X Raps and Spro McSticks  all caught fish. We also caught a few on Small Swimbaits rigged on a 1/4 oz Ball Jighead crawled slowly along the bottom.

Tha majority of the fish have been on the western side of the river. They are typically in the slower moving pockets with depth and current nearby. As the water continues to warm, start your search with more aggressive baits and slow down from there.

Good Luck and until next time...

See you on the Susquehanna

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