Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Susquehanna River Fishing Jst Fishin' Guide Service

With the Scorching heat the Smallmouth Bass fishing has been slow. We have caught some fish on Spinnerbaits, Crankbaits and Sinking Stick Worms, but it has not been the kind of bite that gets one too excited. 

The Catfishing on the other hand has been fun. We have managed to put many clients on the biggest fish of their lives and thats saying something because of lot of those people have done a fair amout of fishing in various places. To have those "Personal Best" fish come out of our boats on the Susquehanna is pretty cool.

One of those personal best ranks up top for me is a certain young man with a giant 43" 36lb Flathead caught a couple weeks ago.  His focus has been on Baseball and for some reason GIRLS lately, but on this night he was all about his fish!!  There is nothing a Dad likes better than to see a smile like that on you kids face.

Anyway, I have recieved quite a few emails this week about the tackle we use for Catfish and thought I would share the info here. Here is the short list of exact tackle specs:

Rods:  Shimano Trevala  6'6" med or7' ML Spinning and Casting
Reels:  Shimano Baitrunner Spinning Reel  or Cardiff 400A Baitcasting Reel
Line:    Power Pro Braid in either 65 or 80 lb test
Swivel:   1/0 Crane Swivel
Leader:  30-60lb Mono or Flourocarbon Leader dependent on type of cover
Hooks:  Here is the tricky part!!  Try Circle Hooks and Kahle Style Hooks in sizes from 4/0 to 9/0 dependent on Bait sizes and the bite that particular trip. I switch quite a bit and have found that in most cases I like the Kahle in a 6/0 for most situations but vay that quite a bit.

I have tried other tackle including some less expensive reels in the baitrunner style and find that the Shimano is smoother and much more reliable but more costly. The other baitrunner I have used with OK success is the Okuma Avenger.

Hopefully this helps with tackle selection. Susquehanna Fishing Tackle in Lancaster Pa carries a very nice selection of Catfish gear. They Stock all the gear I use so if you want to see some they can help.

Hope to see you all on my boat this year and make your own memories!!

Fall is coming fast and my available dates are booking fast so if you want to see some awesome fall Susquehanna action give me a call.